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Inter-Connex Consulting Inc. is an independent consulting firm with expertise
in group process facilitation, strategic and operational planning and coaching.  Planning and group facilitation are the focus of our business.
Since 1989 we have had hands-on experience developing strategy with key stakeholders in both private and public sectors.  

Inter-Connex provides group process facilitation services designed to help organizations think systematically about the issues they face, and how best to resolve them. We do not prescribe solutions to your issues, but based on what you want to achieve, we tailor "process" to assist you in thinking through the issues yourself. Group facilitation helps you through this thinking framework, ensuring that you always retain ownership and direction. 

Inter-Connex is part of an informal network of similar firms able to assist client groups with research, community development, business planning, training, coaching, process facilitation and the specialized skills required in the management of groups. We work with other facilitation firms and independent facilitators across Canada, in a network of experienced consultants who can be readily brought together for large facilitation projects. Our focus is always on ensuring that clients’ needs are met in the most cost-effective way. 

For federal government contracting purposes Inter-Connex is registered under ProServices Supply Arrangement No: E60ZT-180025/196/ZT - Business Consulting / Change Management Stream - 9.15 Facilitator Category

Inter-Connex Consulting Inc.
KANATA (Ottawa), Ontario, Canada

Phone: (613) 592-9776
E-mail: tony.nash@inter-connex.ca