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"Big pictures - painted with small brush strokes"
... a facilitation approach to the process of Strategic & Operational Planning

Strategic & Operational Planning

Q. What is it?

A long-term creative vision of an organization’s future, and the ways to achieve that vision;  A framework for action.
Q. Why plan?
To permit the organization to take charge of its own destiny, rather than wait passively for the future to arrive;
To determine where the organization is headed;
To identify which activities need to be introduced, maintained, improved or discontinued.
Q. When to plan?
When there is a need to think creatively about the organization’s overall direction, and how to get there.
Q.  How to plan
By tapping the inherent expertise, commitment and cultural awareness of managers and employees within the organization.
Q. Who plans?
The people most directly responsible for implementing organizational direction.

 Process Model


     Step 1:  The PRESENT
     Where are we - right now…?

     - Take Stock 
     - Scan the Environment
     - Confirm Core Purpose and Mission 
     - Establish Organizational Values
     - Surface the Issues

     Step 2: The FUTURE
     Where do we want to be…?
     - Describe the Vision
     - Set the future 
     Step 3:  The GAPS
     What needs to change…?
     - Establish Strategic Directions
     - Identify Key Success Indicators
     Step 4: The TARGETS
     What are we aiming at…?
     - Set Operational Objectives and Time Lines
    How do we get it done…?
    - Establish Operational Goals & Controls
    - Identify Critical Issues
    - Manage Projects
    - Plan Actions
    - Measure, Assess & Manage Performance

By incorporating both strategy and operations, our three-stage approach results in leaders, managers and employees, together, implementing decisions congruent with their shared culture, values and directions.

To enjoy planning success the organization will: 

  1. Select the right people for the strategic planning team - stakeholders, content experts and implementers - those key individuals prepared to look beyond their own perspectives to develop new ideas and insights.
  2. Choose the appropriate process - a focus and structured thinking approach are essential ingredients for success.
  3. Recognize there is a challenge in managing group dynamics and the diverse interest and perspectives of individual team members.
    • an independent process facilitator establishes a positive group environment, providing planning team members the opportunity to focus energy on the vision and direction of the organization.
    • as determined by client needs, our strategic planning services range from delivery of highly focused one-day strategic direction workshops, to full-scale off-site strategic interventions spread over multiple days. 

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