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Inter-Connex provides process facilitation services in several areas:

    1. Strategic and Operational Planning

    Strategic and operational planning enables an organization to articulate a creative, long-term vision of its future and the concrete steps needed to achieve that vision. Inter-Connex provides a framework for the planning group's thinking, helps focus discussion, and documents the plans as they are developed. Organizations with whom Tony has led strategy sessions include:

    • American Soc. for Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics, Mt. Laurel NJ
    • ARMA International, Prairie Village KS
    • BioTalent Canada, Ottawa ON
    • Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA), Ottawa ON
    • Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT), Ottawa ON
    • Canadian Commission for UNESCO
    • Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA), Ottawa ON
    • Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship, Ottawa, ON
    • Canadian Library Association, Winnipeg MB
    • Canadian Operating Engineers, Toronto ON
    • Canadian Research Knowledge Network, Ottawa ON
    • Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering, Ottawa ON
    • Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council, Ottawa ON
    • Credit Union Central - Nova Scotia, Halifax NS
    • Forum for International Trade Training, Ottawa ON 
    • Government of the Northwest Territories, Yellowknife NT 
    • Health Canada, Ottawa, ON
    • Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Ottawa ON
    • International Sign Association, Alexandria VA  
    • Language Industry Association (AILIA), Montreal QC
    • May Court Club of Ottawa, Ottawa ON
    • MDS Diagnostics, Toronto ON
    • National Association of Government Archivists & Records Management Administrators (NAGARA), Washington DC
    • National Association of Graduate Admission Professionals (NAGAP), Prairie Village KS
    • Nova Scotia Road Builders Association, Halifax NS
    • Ontario Restaurant & Hotel Management Association (ORHMA), Ottawa ON
    • Ontario Golf Superintendents' Association (OGSA), Guelph ON
    • Operating Engineers in the Pipeline Industry, Winnipeg MB
    • Parks Canada Agency, Gatineau QC
    • Public Works and Government Services Canada, Ottawa ON 
    • Shaman Power Corporation, Toronto ON 
    • Skate Canada
    • Sign Association of Canada, Toronto ON 
    • Stanford University, HLA Laboratory, Palo Alto CA  
    • The Ottawa Food Bank, Ottawa ON 
    • The Ottawa Mission, Ottawa ON
    • Team Northern Ontario, Sault Ste. Marie ON
    • United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), Richmond VA
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    2. Interactive Management Planning Workshops

    Inter-Connex, as a sub-contractor, utilizing proprietary software, assists major corporations and institutions in putting structure to complex issues. Tony has worked with the following organizations:

    • Bank of Montreal, Institute of Learning, Toronto ON
    • Detroit Diesel, Detroit MI
    • Dupont Canada Corporation, Kingston ON
    • GTE Government Systems, Boston MA
    • Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Bio-defense, Washington, DC
    • London Perret Roche Group, Edison NJ (Lucent/IBM contract)
    • Merck Pharmaceutical, White House Station NJ
    • Ministry of Defence, Defence Logistics Organisation, UK
    • Morgan Stanley Europe, UK
    • Rolls-Royce Civil Aviation Division, UK 
    • Trigen Energy Corporation, White Plains NY
    • TrusJoist division of Weyerhaeuser, Boise ID
    • U.S. Department of Energy, Washington DC
    • U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Washington DC 
    • Vetronix Corporation, Santa Barbara CA
    • Witco, White Plains NY
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    3. Organizational Review and Development

    Outside facilitation services are often useful to organizations which are reviewing their structures, processes, communications, expert panels or other key areas. Our clients have included:

    • Advisory Council for Truck Safety, Toronto ON
    • Canadian Council of Professional Engineers, Ottawa ON
    • Canadian Golf Superintendents Association, Toronto ON
    • Canadian Home Builders Association, Ottawa ON
    • Canadian Medical Association, Ottawa ON
    • Canadian Professional Sales Association, Toronto ON
    • Defence R&D Canada, Ottawa ON
    • Federal Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Committee, Ottawa ON
    • Expertech Network Installation, Toronto ON 
    • Health Canada, Food Expert Advisory Committee, Ottawa ON
    • Major Industrial Accident Council of Canada, Ottawa ON
    • Medical Council of Canada, Ottawa ON
    • Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa ON 
    • ND Graphic Products Limited, Toronto ON
    • Ontario Council of University Libraries, Toronto ON
    • Parks Canada Agency 
    • Statistics Canada, Ottawa ON
    • Trent University, Peterborough ON 
    • World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland
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    4. Human Resource Management/ Labour Market Adjustment

    These projects focus on specific human resource management or labour market adjustment issues facing individual organizations or broader industrial sectors. Inter-Connex provides group facilitation services. Tony has worked with:

    • Apparel Human Resources Council, Ottawa ON
    • Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, Ottawa ON
    • Canadian Council of Technicians & Technologists, Ottawa ON 
    • Canadian Council for Human Resources in the Environment Industry, Edmonton AB
    • Canadian Council for Professional Fish Harvesters, Ottawa ON
    • Canadian Nuclear Association/Society, Toronto ON
    • Canadian Sign Council, Toronto ON
    • Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering, Ottawa ON 
    • Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council, Ottawa ON
    • Guelph Food Technology Centre, Guelph ON 
    • Horticultural Human Resource Council, Ottawa ON
    • Mining Industry Training & Adjustment Council, Ottawa ON 
    • National Aerospace Human Resources Committee, Montreal QC
    • National Seafood Processing Human Resources Council, Ottawa ON
    • Packaging Careers Council of Canada, Toronto ON
    • Plastics Human Resource Council of Canada, Toronto ON
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    5. Public Consultations Tony has led and participated in national programs in the role of facilitator. He has assembled multi-facilitator teams, and has designed and facilitated internal and external consultations. Clients include:

    • Canadian Alliance of Education & Training Organizations, Ottawa ON
    • Canadian Coast Guard, Toronto ON
    • Cdn. Health Services Research Foundation (CHSRF), Ottawa ON
    • Canadian School Boards Association/SchoolNet, Regina SK
    • Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, Dallas TX
    • Human Resources and Skills Development, Ottawa ON
    • Ottawa-Carleton Training Board, Ottawa ON
    • Prime Ministers Advisory Council of Science & Technology, Ottawa ON
    • Public Works & Government Services Canada, Ottawa ON
    • Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ottawa ON 
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    6. Training

    Inter-Connex (in partnership with Associates In Planning Inc.) periodically provides public and in-house training focusing on the skills of process facilitation, and strategic and operational planning. In-house clients have included: 

    • Canadian Health Services Research Foundation, Ottawa ON
    • Canadian Professional Logistics Institute, Toronto ON
    • Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Ottawa ON
    • Parks Canada Agency, Ottawa ON
    • Public Health Agency of Canada, Ottawa ON 
    • Public Works and Government Services Canada, Ottawa ON 
    • Stratos Inc., Ottawa ON